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The world of cricket has witnessed the rise of some truly remarkable batsmen.

From the legendary Sir Donald Bradman, who set the global standard with his incredible average of 99.94 in test matches, to modern greats like Virat Kohli, considered the best batsman in the world in 2021.

These players have left an indelible mark on the sport.

This article will delve into their achievements and contributions, examining what makes them the best in the world and celebrating their remarkable careers.

Key Takeaways

  • Sir Donald Bradman, with an average of 99.94 in test matches and 6996 runs in 52 matches, established the global standard for batters.
  • Sachin Tendulkar, who scored the most runs in international cricket and played 200 Tests and 463 ODIs, is considered one of the greatest batsmen.
  • Virat Kohli is regarded as the best batsman in the world in 2021, with impressive records in both Test and ODI formats.
  • Brian Lara holds the record for the highest individual score of 400* in Test cricket and is known for his prolific run-scoring ability.

Sir Donald Bradman

Sir Donald Bradman, widely regarded as the greatest batsman in cricket history, averaged an extraordinary 99.94 in test matches. Comparing Bradman's average with modern-day batsmen, it becomes evident just how exceptional his performance was. To put it into perspective, the current highest batting average in test cricket is held by Steve Smith at 61.80, a remarkable achievement in itself.

Bradman's average surpasses that by a significant margin, highlighting his unparalleled skill and consistency. His impact on the game can't be overstated. Bradman's records and achievements continue to inspire and motivate cricketers around the world.

His exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to the sport have set the global standard for batters, and his legacy continues to shape the way the game is played today.

Sir Jack Hobbs

Considered one of the greatest batters of all time, Jack Hobbs had an illustrious career in professional cricket. His impact on modern batting techniques is undeniable, as he revolutionized the game with his impeccable technique and adaptability. Hobbs' influential records and achievements speak volumes about his prowess with the bat. He scored a remarkable 199 centuries in professional cricket, a record that stood for decades and showcased his ability to consistently score big runs. What sets Hobbs apart is his ability to score seven test hundreds after the age of 40, proving that age was just a number for him. His longevity and ability to adapt to different conditions make him a true legend in the cricketing world.

Impact on Modern Batting Techniques Influential Records and Achievements
Revolutionized the game with impeccable technique Scored a remarkable 199 centuries in professional cricket
Adaptability in different conditions Scored seven test hundreds after the age of 40

Sir Vivian Richards

Known for his aggressive batting style and dominant presence on the field, Vivian Richards revolutionized the game of cricket. His impact on West Indian cricket can't be understated.

In Test matches, Richards scored a total of 8540 runs in 121 matches, with an average of 50.23. He recorded 24 centuries and 45 half-centuries.

In One-Day Internationals (ODIs), Richards amassed 6721 runs in 187 matches, with an average of 47.00. He scored 11 centuries and 45 half-centuries in the format.

Richards' records in both Test and ODI cricket are a testament to his skill and consistency as a batsman. His aggressive batting style and ability to dominate bowlers made him a force to be reckoned with and inspired generations of cricketers in the West Indies.

Brian Lara

Brian Lara is one of the most prolific batsmen in the history of cricket, and he has left an indelible mark on the sport. Discussing Brian Lara's impact on West Indian cricket, it is evident that he played a significant role in rejuvenating the team during a tumultuous period. Lara's batting style was often compared to other legendary batsmen, and he stood out with his elegant stroke play and ability to dominate bowling attacks. His exceptional hand-eye coordination and impeccable timing allowed him to score runs with ease. Lara's record-breaking innings, including his iconic 400 not out in Test cricket, showcased his immense talent and determination. His contributions to West Indian cricket and his unique batting style make him a legendary figure in the sport.

Discussion Ideas about Brian Lara Not Relevant to the Other H2s Listed Above
1. Brian Lara's impact on West Indian cricket
2. Comparing Brian Lara's batting style with other legendary batsmen.

Sachin Tendulkar

With his unmatched records and unmatched skills, Sachin Tendulkar has solidified his status as one of the greatest batsmen in the world. His impact on Indian cricket is immeasurable, as he inspired generations of aspiring cricketers and brought immense pride to his nation.

Tendulkar holds numerous records and achievements that highlight his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. Here are four notable examples:

  1. Most runs in international cricket: Tendulkar scored a staggering 34,357 runs across all formats, making him the highest run-scorer in the history of the game.
  2. 'Desert Storm' innings: In 1998, Tendulkar played a memorable innings against Australia in Sharjah, scoring back-to-back centuries under challenging conditions and leading India to victory.
  3. 200 Tests and 463 ODIs: Tendulkar had an illustrious career spanning 24 years, during which he played a record-breaking 200 Test matches and 463 ODIs for India.
  4. Numerous records and accolades: Tendulkar holds various records, including the most centuries in international cricket (100) and the most runs in World Cup history (2,278).

Tendulkar's impact on Indian cricket and his remarkable records and achievements firmly establish him as one of the greatest batsmen the world has ever seen.

Virat Kohli

Considered by many as the epitome of consistency and determination, Virat Kohli has established himself as one of the best batsmen in the world. His impact on Indian cricket has been monumental, both as a player and as a leader.

Kohli's leadership qualities have brought a new level of aggression and competitiveness to the Indian team, inspiring his teammates to perform at their best. Under his captaincy, India has achieved remarkable success, including their first-ever Test series win in Australia.

Kohli's ability to lead by example with his exceptional batting skills has earned him the respect and admiration of fans and fellow cricketers alike. His unwavering commitment to the game and his relentless pursuit of excellence have solidified his position as a true cricketing legend.

Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara's impeccable technique and elegant strokeplay make him a formidable batsman in the cricketing world. With his fluid batting style, Sangakkara has garnered immense admiration and carved his name in the annals of cricket history. But is he the greatest Sri Lankan cricketer of all time?

Records and Achievements: Sangakkara holds an impressive record of scoring 12,400 runs in 134 test matches. He also boasts the record for the most double hundreds in Test cricket, with a total of 11. Additionally, he achieved a world-record partnership of 624 runs with Mahela Jayawardene.

Consistency and Class: Sangakkara's consistency at the crease is remarkable. He's an average of 57.40 in Test cricket and 41.98 in ODIs. His ability to perform consistently in all formats of the game showcases his class as a batsman.

Leadership and Influence: Sangakkara's leadership skills can't be overlooked. He captained the Sri Lankan team during a crucial phase and led them to the finals of the 2011 World Cup. His influence on and off the field is widely recognized.

Impact on Sri Lankan Cricket: Sangakkara's contributions to Sri Lankan cricket go beyond his individual records. He's been instrumental in grooming young talents and shaping the future of the game in his country. His dedication and passion for the sport make him a true legend in Sri Lankan cricket.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Sir Donald Bradman's Batting Average Compare to Other Legendary Batsmen?

Sir Donald Bradman's batting average of 99.94 in test matches remains unmatched by any other legendary batsman. When comparing averages, Bradman's exceptional performance sets him apart as one of the greatest in cricket history.

What Are Some Notable Achievements of Sir Jack Hobbs in His Career?

Sir Jack Hobbs, one of the greatest batters of all time, had a significant impact on modern batting techniques. His role in England's dominance in international cricket cannot be overlooked.

How Did Sir Vivian Richards Establish His Intimidating Presence on the Field?

Vivian Richards, with his aggressive batting style, established an intimidating presence on the field. His leadership qualities and fearless approach impacted the game, inspiring awe and fear in opponents.

What Records Did Brian Lara Set During His Career?

Brian Lara set numerous records during his career, including the highest individual score of 400* in Test cricket. He scored 11953 runs in 131 Test matches and 10495 runs in 299 ODIs, making him one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

Can You Provide Some Highlights From Sachin Tendulkar's Career, Apart From His Overall Run Record?

Sachin Tendulkar's impact on Indian cricket and his contribution to cricket development in India are remarkable. He not only holds the record for the most runs in international cricket but also played a crucial role in India's victories, leaving a lasting legacy.


In conclusion, these batsmen have carved their names in cricket history with their exceptional skills and remarkable achievements. They've mesmerized fans with their elegant strokes, unwavering focus, and ability to consistently score runs.

Like a symphony conductor who orchestrates every note to create a masterpiece, these batsmen have conducted their innings with precision and finesse, leaving an everlasting impression on the sport and cementing their status as the best batsmen in the world.

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