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top indian electric bicycles

India's electric bike market is experiencing a revolutionary surge, offering a remarkable array of features and benefits that surpass traditional bikes. These eco-friendly alternatives are rechargeable, require minimal maintenance, and boast low fuel costs.

Embodying the epitome of innovation, the Revolt RV 400, Tork Kratos, and Odysse Evoqis have emerged as top contenders. With AI capabilities, impressive ranges, and smart control features, these electric bikes redefine sustainable transportation.

Get ready to embark on a liberating journey as we explore the best electric bikes in India.

Key Takeaways

  • Electric bikes in India are rechargeable and can be easily charged by plugging into any wall socket.
  • Electric bikes require less maintenance compared to regular bikes.
  • Electric bikes have low fuel costs as they consume about 250 watts of power for 20 minutes of driving.
  • Electric bikes help reduce air pollution by lowering the emission of poisonous gases into the atmosphere.

Revolt RV 400

The Revolt RV 400 is frequently hailed as one of the best electric bikes in India due to its impressive features and advanced technology.

When it comes to cost comparison, the RV 400 offers great value for money with a starting price of around Rs. 98,485.

In terms of battery life, it provides a range of 156km in Eco mode, which is quite impressive.

The RV 400 also comes with a host of other features such as a full-digital instrument cluster, LED headlight, tail lamp, and turn indication illumination.

Additionally, it offers app-controlled features like starting the motorbike, creating a geofence, and receiving low battery alerts.

With its cost-effective pricing and long battery life, the Revolt RV 400 is definitely a top choice for anyone looking for an electric bike in India.

Tork Kratos

Offering powerful performance and sleek design, the Tork Kratos stands out as a formidable contender in the electric bike market in India. With its unique features and capabilities, it offers a distinctive riding experience that sets it apart from other electric bikes.

Here is a comparison of the Tork Kratos with other electric bikes:

1) Design: The Tork Kratos boasts a bare-bones roadster style with a triangle-shaped headlamp and a split-type seat, giving it a sporty and aggressive look.

2) Performance: With a power output of 4000 W, the Tork Kratos accelerates from 0 to 40 km/h in just 4 seconds, providing an exhilarating ride. Its lithium-ion battery offers a range of 120km per charge, ensuring a long and uninterrupted journey.

3) Technology: The Tork Kratos comes equipped with advanced features like regenerative braking, reverse mode, mobile connectivity, and OTA updates, enhancing convenience and connectivity.

4) Variety: The Tork Kratos offers two variations – the Standard model available in white and the R variation available in white, blue, red, and black, allowing riders to choose their preferred style.

In comparison to other electric bikes, the Tork Kratos truly stands out with its impressive design and performance, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a liberating riding experience.

Odysse Evoqis

With a starting price of around Rs. 1,58,471 and a power output of 3000 W, the Odysse Evoqis presents itself as a compelling option in the electric bike market in India. This fully-featured electric commuter bike offers a range of features and performance capabilities that make it an attractive choice for those looking for an electric bike. Let's compare the price and performance of the Odysse Evoqis with other electric bikes in the market:

Electric Bike Starting Price (Rs.) Power Output (W)
Revolt RV 400 98,485 3000
Tork Kratos 1,22,582 4000
Odysse Evoqis 1,58,471 3000

As we can see, the Odysse Evoqis falls in the mid-range in terms of price and power output. It offers a competitive power output similar to the Revolt RV 400 but at a slightly higher price point. This makes the Odysse Evoqis a suitable option for those looking for a powerful electric bike without breaking the bank. Additionally, the Odysse Evoqis comes with disc brakes for both the front and rear, ensuring reliable stopping power and safety on the road. Overall, the Odysse Evoqis is a strong contender in the electric bike market, offering a balance of price and performance.

Features of Revolt RV 400

Featuring a full-digital instrument cluster and app-controlled functionalities, the Revolt RV 400 showcases a range of innovative features that redefine the electric bike experience.

With a battery range of 156km in Eco mode, this electric bike provides a long-lasting and liberating riding experience.

The Revolt RV 400 also addresses the concern of charging infrastructure with its Delivery on Demand service, providing fully charged batteries whenever needed.

Additionally, the onboard charger and portable battery charger provided make charging convenient and hassle-free.

Moreover, the RV 400 offers an exhaust noise control feature, allowing riders to turn on or off the AI-based sound according to their preference.

With these features, the Revolt RV 400 ensures a seamless and enjoyable ride while addressing the challenges of battery range and charging infrastructure.

Features of Tork Kratos

The Tork Kratos boasts a sleek and minimalist design, with a triangle-shaped headlamp and a split-type seat.

This electric bike is available in two variations: the standard model, which comes in white, and the R variation, available in white, blue, red, and black.

The Tork Kratos is equipped with a powerful 4000 W motor, allowing for rapid acceleration from 0 to 40 km/h in just 4 seconds. It offers a range of 120 km per charge, making it suitable for both short commutes and longer rides.

In terms of connectivity and safety features, the Tork Kratos offers multiple riding modes, regenerative braking, reverse mode, and mobile connectivity. It also includes USB charging, anti-theft measures, an OTA update feature, and a front storage box.

The premium R model additionally features a smart charge analysis, geofencing, accident alert, and track mode.

With its impressive design and performance, the Tork Kratos offers a thrilling and liberating riding experience.

Specifications of Electric Bikes

The specifications of electric bikes include top speed, acceleration time, maximum load rating, range per charge, battery recharge time, braking system, alloy wheels, seat height, and available colors.

Electric bikes offer a range of top speeds, with some models reaching speeds of up to 80 kmph. The acceleration time from 0 to 50 kmph can vary but is typically around 4.2 seconds.

These bikes have a maximum load rating of 170 kg, making them suitable for carrying heavy loads. The range per charge is over 100 km, allowing for longer rides without the need for frequent recharging. Battery recharge time takes around 5 hours, ensuring quick turnaround times.

The bikes are equipped with a reliable braking system, featuring a single disc at the back and two rotors up front. They also come with alloy wheels, providing durability and stability. The seat height is set at 750mm, offering a comfortable riding position.

Available in various colors such as Fire Red, Lime Green, Magna Silver, and Candy Blue, these bikes allow riders to express their individuality.

Battery capacity and charging infrastructure availability are important factors to consider when purchasing an electric bike, as they determine the range and convenience of use.


In summary, electric bikes in India offer a range of advantages such as low maintenance, low fuel costs, noiseless operation, and environmental friendliness, making them a viable and sustainable option for commuting and transportation.

These bikes are rechargeable and can be easily charged by plugging into any wall socket, eliminating the need for frequent visits to fuel stations. They also require less maintenance compared to regular bikes, saving time and money.

With their low fuel costs, electric bikes provide an economical solution for daily commuting. Moreover, their noiseless operation not only reduces noise pollution but also provides a peaceful riding experience.

Most importantly, electric bikes contribute to environmental conservation by reducing air pollution and the emission of poisonous gases into the atmosphere.

When comparing electric bikes in terms of price and features, options like the Revolt RV 400, Tork Kratos, and Odysse Evoqis offer different specifications and functionalities to cater to the diverse needs of riders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Government Incentives or Subsidies Available for Purchasing Electric Bikes in India?

Yes, there are government incentives and subsidies available for purchasing electric bikes in India. These measures aim to promote the adoption of electric vehicles and reduce pollution. Additionally, the availability of charging infrastructure is steadily increasing to support electric bike users.

What Is the Warranty Period for the Batteries of These Electric Bikes?

The warranty period for the batteries of these electric bikes varies depending on the manufacturer. It is recommended to refer to the specific warranty terms and conditions provided by each brand for accurate information on battery longevity and charging time.

Can the Batteries of These Electric Bikes Be Easily Replaced or Upgraded?

The battery lifespan of electric bikes varies depending on usage and maintenance. It is important to check the manufacturer's specifications for information on battery replacement or upgrade options. Compatibility with different bike models may also vary.

Are There Any Special Requirements for Charging the Electric Bikes, Such as Dedicated Charging Stations?

Charging electric bikes in India does not require special charging stations. They can be easily charged by plugging into any wall socket. Charging time varies, but it typically takes around 5 hours for a full recharge.

How Does the Maintenance Cost of Electric Bikes Compare to That of Traditional Petrol or Diesel Bikes?

The maintenance cost of electric bikes is generally lower compared to traditional petrol or diesel bikes due to fewer moving parts, reduced wear and tear, and lower fuel costs. Factors like battery replacement and specialized servicing may influence maintenance costs.


In conclusion, the electric bike market in India offers a range of options for environmentally conscious consumers.

The Revolt RV 400, Tork Kratos, and Odysse Evoqis are top contenders, each with unique features and functionalities. These bikes provide a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation, with benefits such as low maintenance, low fuel costs, and reduced air pollution.

Whether it's the AI capabilities of the RV 400 or the quick charging of the Kratos, these electric bikes offer a promising future for eco-friendly transportation in India.

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