Irobot I7 Vs I8: Difference and Comparison

comparing irobot i7 and i8

In this insightful article, we will explore the key differences and comparisons between the highly advanced iRobot i7 and iRobot i8 robotic vacuum cleaners.

From performance and features to cleaning capabilities and user experience, we will delve into every aspect that matters.

With a focus on speed, battery life, dustbin capacity, suction power, and charging time, we aim to provide valuable information for readers seeking the perfect cleaning companion.

So, join us as we uncover the nuances and make an informed decision on these cutting-edge models.

Key Takeaways

  • iRobot i7 has a faster processor and higher suction power than iRobot i8.
  • iRobot i7 has advanced mapping and navigation capabilities, a virtual barrier feature, and multi-room cleaning feature, which are not available in iRobot i8.
  • iRobot i7 offers better value for money with a longer warranty period, more affordable replacement parts and accessories, and better customer reviews and ratings compared to iRobot i8.
  • iRobot i7 provides a user-friendly mobile app for easy control, quieter operation, better navigation system, and larger cleaning coverage area compared to iRobot i8.

Performance Comparison: Speed, Battery Life, Dustbin Capacity, Suction Power, Charging Time

In terms of performance, iRobot i7 totally beats iRobot i8 in speed, battery life, dustbin capacity, suction power, and charging time.

Let's start with speed, the i7 zooms around your home faster than the sluggish i8.

When it comes to battery life, the i7 lasts longer, so you can clean more in one go.

And don't get me started on the dustbin capacity, the i7 can hold way more dirt and debris than the i8.

Plus, the i7 has stronger suction power, so it sucks up all that nasty stuff with ease.

And if you're in a hurry, the i7 charges up quicker than the i8.

Features Comparison: Self-Emptying Dustbin, Mapping and Navigation, Virtual Barrier, Smart Home Integration, Multi-Room Cleaning

Featuring a self-emptying dustbin and advanced mapping and navigation capabilities, as well as a virtual barrier, smart home integration, and multi-room cleaning, the iRobot i7 outshines the iRobot i8 in terms of its innovative features.

The iRobot i7's self-emptying dustbin allows for hassle-free cleaning as it automatically empties its contents into a larger bin, reducing the need for frequent emptying. On the other hand, the iRobot i8 lacks this feature, requiring manual emptying of its dustbin.

Additionally, the iRobot i7's mapping and navigation capabilities enable it to create detailed floor plans, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning of multiple rooms. In contrast, the iRobot i8 focuses more on smart home integration, allowing users to control the robot via voice commands or through smartphone apps. However, it lacks the multi-room cleaning feature that the iRobot i7 offers, limiting its ability to clean larger spaces.

Cleaning Performance Comparison: High-Efficiency Filter, Carpet Boost, Dual Brush System, Dirt Detection, Cliff Detection

Moreover, the iRobot i7 is like, super good at cleaning stuff. It has this high-efficiency filter thingy that makes the air quality better or something.

And get this, it also has a carpet boost feature that can like, deep clean your carpets. The i7 even has a dual brush system, which is like, double the brushing power for picking up dirt.

And get this, it has dirt detection too, so it can focus on those really dirty areas and clean them up real good. Oh, and don't forget about the cliff detection feature, which stops it from falling down the stairs.

Price Comparison: Cost, Value for Money, Replacement Parts and Accessories, Warranty Period, Customer Reviews and Ratings

The iRobot i7 is more expensive than the iRobot i8, providing a comprehensive price comparison between the two models.

When it comes to cost, the iRobot i7 is pricier but offers better value for money. It also has more affordable replacement parts and accessories, making it a more budget-friendly option in the long run.

In terms of warranty period, the iRobot i7 has a longer coverage compared to the iRobot i8, giving customers more peace of mind.

Additionally, the iRobot i7 has better customer reviews and ratings, indicating a higher level of satisfaction among users.

User Experience Comparison: Mobile App Control, Noise Level, Navigation System, Build Quality, Cleaning Coverage Area

The iRobot i7 and iRobot i8 can be compared in terms of user experience, including mobile app control, noise level, navigation system, build quality, and cleaning coverage area.

  • The mobile app features of both models allow users to control the robot vacuum remotely, providing convenience and flexibility.
  • The noise level of the iRobot i7 is significantly lower than that of the iRobot i8, ensuring a quieter cleaning experience.
  • The navigation system of the iRobot i7 is more advanced and efficient, resulting in fewer missed spots during cleaning sessions.
  • The build quality of the iRobot i7 is superior to that of the iRobot i8, making it more durable and long-lasting.
  • The cleaning coverage area of the iRobot i7 is larger, allowing it to clean more space in a single session, saving time and effort.

Irobot I7 Vs I8: Difference and Comparison

Additionally, the iRobot i7 and iRobot i8 differ in several key aspects that are worth comparing and evaluating.

When it comes to pet owners, the iRobot i7 is the better choice. It features a high-efficiency filter for better air quality, a carpet boost feature for deep cleaning carpets, and a dual brush system for effective dirt pickup. These features make it more suitable for homes with pets that shed fur and leave behind dirt and dander.

On the other hand, if you have a large home, the iRobot i8 is the more suitable option. It has a larger cleaning coverage area, allowing it to clean more rooms in one go. This makes it more efficient and time-saving for homeowners with larger living spaces.


In conclusion, the iRobot i7 and iRobot i8 are both advanced robotic vacuum cleaners with their own unique features and performance capabilities.

The iRobot i7 offers a faster processor, longer battery life, larger dustbin capacity, higher suction power, and shorter charging time. It also stands out with its self-emptying dustbin, advanced mapping and navigation capabilities, virtual barrier feature, smart home integration, and multi-room cleaning feature.

The iRobot i8, on the other hand, may have some limitations in these areas but still provides a reliable cleaning experience.

Ultimately, the choice between the two models depends on individual preferences and budget constraints. As the saying goes, 'Different strokes for different folks.'

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