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In the world of football, few names evoke as much admiration and awe as Lionel Messi, Mohamed Salah, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Karim Benzema, Joshua Kimmich, Sadio Mane, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Kylian Mbappe, and Harry Kane.

These exceptional athletes have etched their names in the annals of football history with their extraordinary skills and remarkable achievements. From Messi's mesmerizing performances to Salah's remarkable form, these players have left an indelible mark on the sport.

Join us as we delve into their careers and explore what makes them the best footballers of all time.

Key Takeaways

  • Lionel Messi is the all-time leader in goals, assists, and points, with 743 goals for club and country, and has dominated La Liga this season with 30 goals and nine assists in 35 appearances.
  • Mohamed Salah is considered one of the finest players in the world in terms of pure form and has significantly contributed to Liverpool's success.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo has maintained outstanding form over his three years with Juventus and holds the record for the most goals and assists in the Champions League.
  • Neymar's otherworldly ability and unrivaled dribbling skills make him a prolific goal scorer, and he has won domestic titles and individual awards throughout his career.

10. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, often referred to as 'The GOAT,' has been a dominant force in the world of football for over a decade. His impact on Barcelona's success can't be overstated. Messi's combination of skill, vision, and goal-scoring ability has propelled Barcelona to numerous domestic and international titles.

His playing style is unique and sets him apart from other top footballers. Unlike the power and physicality of players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi relies on his agility, quickness, and exceptional ball control to navigate through defenses effortlessly. His ability to change direction at lightning speed and his unmatched dribbling skills make him a nightmare for defenders to contain.

When comparing Messi to other top footballers, it becomes clear that his finesse, creativity, and ability to make the extraordinary seem routine truly set him apart.

9. Mohamed Salah

Despite facing tough competition, Mohamed Salah has emerged as one of the top footballers in the world with his exceptional skills and goal-scoring prowess.

  • Salah's impact on Liverpool's success can't be overstated. He's been instrumental in the team's achievements, helping them win the Premier League, Champions League, and Club World Cup.
  • His rivalry with Sadio Mane has added an extra layer of excitement to Liverpool's attacking play. Both players constantly push each other to perform at their best, resulting in a formidable duo that strikes fear into opposing defenses.
  • Salah's speed and agility make him a nightmare for defenders to handle. His ability to dribble past opponents and find the back of the net has made him a fan favorite and a nightmare for opposing teams.
  • His goal-scoring record speaks for itself. Salah consistently finds the back of the net, whether it's from long-range strikes, clever finishes, or well-taken penalties.
  • Salah's contributions extend beyond his goal-scoring abilities. His work rate, teamwork, and ability to create chances for his teammates make him a complete player and a valuable asset for any team.

8. Cristiano Ronaldo

One cannot deny Cristiano Ronaldo's impact and influence on the world of football throughout his illustrious career. Ronaldo has consistently shown his prowess on the field, particularly in the Champions League, where he has amassed the most goals and assists. Comparing Ronaldo's performance in the Champions League to Messi's dominance in La Liga, it is clear that both players have left an indelible mark in their respective competitions. Ronaldo's ability to deliver in crucial moments and his relentless pursuit of excellence have made him a force to be reckoned with. Additionally, analyzing the impact of Salah's form on Liverpool's success, it is evident that Ronaldo's contributions to his teams have been instrumental in their achievements. Whether it be his goal-scoring ability or his leadership qualities, Ronaldo has proven time and again why he is considered one of the best footballers of all time.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Champions League Most goals and assists
La Liga Not as dominant as Messi
Impact on Teams Instrumental in team success
Leadership Demonstrates leadership qualities
Goal-Scoring Prolific goal-scoring ability

7. Neymar

Neymar has consistently showcased his exceptional skills and creativity on the field, contributing to his team's success with his agility and vision.

Neymar's impact on the Brazilian national team has been tremendous. He's played a crucial role in their victories, leading them to win the 2013 Confederations Cup and the gold medal at the 2016 Olympics.

Neymar's journey from Santos to PSG has been nothing short of remarkable. His move to Paris for a record-breaking fee made headlines around the world, and he's lived up to the expectations.

At Santos, Neymar established himself as one of the most promising young talents in football, winning numerous titles and earning a reputation as a prolific goal scorer.

Since joining PSG, Neymar has continued to shine, helping the club win multiple domestic trophies and making them a strong contender in the Champions League.

Both Santos and PSG have benefited greatly from Neymar's presence, as he's brought excitement, flair, and success to both clubs.

6. Karim Benzema

Many football fans and experts consider Karim Benzema to be one of the greatest strikers of his generation, and he's consistently proved his worth on the field. Benzema's impact on Real Madrid's success can't be overstated. He's been a key figure in the team's triumphs, contributing with his consistent goal-scoring ability.

Benzema's performances have been nothing short of exceptional, as he consistently finds the back of the net and provides assists for his teammates. His work ethic and compassion for the game are evident in every match he plays. Benzema's ability to deliver under pressure and his knack for finding the right positions in the box make him a formidable force to be reckoned with.

It's no wonder that he's earned his place among the best footballers of all time.

5. Joshua Kimmich

The article recognizes Joshua Kimmich as a highly talented and versatile footballer who's made a significant impact on the field. Kimmich's versatility in different positions has been a key factor in Bayern Munich's success. Here are five reasons why Kimmich stands out among the best:

  • Kimmich's ability to seamlessly transition between right-back and defensive midfielder positions has provided Bayern Munich with a strong defensive presence and a potent attacking threat.
  • His exceptional vision and passing skills allow him to create scoring opportunities for his teammates, making him a valuable asset in the midfield.
  • Kimmich's work rate and determination on the field inspire his teammates and drive the team forward.
  • His leadership qualities and ability to make quick decisions under pressure have earned him the respect of his peers and coaches.
  • Kimmich's technical skills, including his precise crosses and accurate long-range shots, make him a dangerous player in the attacking third.

4. Sadio Mane

Although he may not receive as much recognition as some of his counterparts, Sadio Mane has undoubtedly established himself as one of the best footballers of all time. His impact on Liverpool's success can't be understated.

Mane has been a key contributor to the team's achievements, helping them win multiple Premier League titles and the UEFA Champions League. His speed, agility, and clinical finishing ability make him a formidable winger. When compared to other top wingers, Mane stands out for his consistency and ability to perform at the highest level.

His work rate and determination on the field make him a valuable asset to any team. Mane's contributions to Liverpool, both in terms of goals and assists, have solidified his place among the best footballers of all time.

3. Trent Alexander-Arnold

He is a versatile player, and Trent Alexander-Arnold has proven himself to be a valuable asset to Liverpool and a standout performer in the world of football. Here are five reasons why he's highly regarded by fans and experts alike:

  • Impact on Liverpool's success: Alexander-Arnold's contributions have been crucial to Liverpool's recent achievements, including winning the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. He consistently delivers exceptional performances and plays a key role in the team's attacking and defensive strategies.
  • Versatility and ability to excel in multiple positions: Whether he's deployed as a right-back, right midfielder, or even as a central midfielder, Alexander-Arnold showcases great adaptability and skill. His vision, passing accuracy, and crossing ability make him a threat in multiple areas of the pitch.
  • Exceptional crossing and set-piece ability: Alexander-Arnold's pinpoint crosses and set-piece deliveries have become his trademarks. He's created countless goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates, making him a crucial playmaker in Liverpool's attacking arsenal.
  • Defensive prowess and work rate: Despite his attacking prowess, Alexander-Arnold remains a solid defender. His positioning, tackling ability, and interceptions make him a difficult player to bypass. He combines his offensive and defensive duties seamlessly, showing great work rate and commitment to the team.
  • Youthful talent and potential: At just 22 years old, Alexander-Arnold has already achieved remarkable success. His potential for growth and improvement is immense, and he's the opportunity to become one of the greatest players of his generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Goals Has Lionel Messi Scored for Club and Country?

Lionel Messi has scored a remarkable number of goals for both club and country. His international goal record is impressive, and when compared to other football legends, his goal-scoring prowess is unparalleled.

What Is Mohamed Salah's Contribution to Liverpool's Success?

Mohamed Salah's contribution to Liverpool's success is undeniable. His impact on their playing style is immense, with his speed, skill, and goal-scoring ability. Salah played a crucial role in their Champions League triumphs, showcasing his importance to the team.

Which Club Has Cristiano Ronaldo Played for in the Past Three Years?

In the past three years, Cristiano Ronaldo has played for Juventus. His transfer to the Italian club made a significant impact, as he continued to showcase his exceptional skills and contribute to their success.

What Makes Neymar's Dribbling Ability Stand Out Among Other Players?

Neymar's exceptional dribbling technique sets him apart from other players. His agility, speed, and creativity on the ball make him a nightmare for defenders. It's a skill that rivals even Messi's goal scoring record.

What Other Positions Can Trent Alexander-Arnold Excel In, Apart From Full-Back?

Trent Alexander-Arnold's versatility is evident as he excels in various positions. Apart from full-back, his potential midfield role is worth noting. His impact on Liverpool's attack is undeniable, showcasing his skill and adaptability.


In the realm of football greatness, these players have left an indelible mark. Their exceptional skills, remarkable achievements, and relentless dedication have solidified their status among the best of all time.

From Messi's mesmerizing performances to Salah's remarkable form, Ronaldo's consistent excellence to Neymar's extraordinary skill set, these footballers have etched their names in the annals of history.

As their careers and accomplishments are explored, it becomes clear that they've created a rhythm and flow in the game, captivating audiences worldwide.

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