Best Free Second Phone Number Apps (2023)

top apps for free second phone numbers 2023

Tired of handing out your personal digits to everyone who asks? Want to keep your private and professional lives separate? Look no further!

Discover the best free second phone number apps of 2023. With Google Voice, TextNow, and Sideline, you can easily snag a second number for calls, texts, and voicemails. Choose from local area codes to feel right at home.

But wait, there's more! Hushed, Burner, Line2, and MySudo offer even more features for all your needs.

Say goodbye to sharing your personal number and embrace the freedom and privacy these apps provide.

Key Takeaways

  • Google Voice, TextNow, Sideline, Hushed, Burner, Line2, MySudo, TextMe, Dingtone, and 2ndLine are some of the best free second phone number apps available in 2023.
  • These apps offer users the ability to select a local phone number from various area codes and provide calling, messaging, and voicemail features.
  • Some apps, like Sideline and Burner, offer additional features for a subscription charge, while others, like Hushed, focus on anonymity and disposable phone numbers.
  • MySudo stands out for its high level of confidentiality and anonymity, encrypting all calls, texts, and communication data, and allowing users to create multiple private identities for different uses.

Google Voice

If you're looking for a reliable second phone number app, Google Voice is an excellent option. Not only does it provide a free second phone number, but it also offers a range of benefits that make it stand out from its alternatives.

One of the key benefits of using Google Voice is the ability to select a local phone number from various area codes, giving you the freedom to choose a number that feels familiar to you.

Additionally, Google Voice integrates seamlessly with other services like Contacts and Calendar, making it easy to manage your calls, messages, and voicemails in one place.

Another advantage of Google Voice is the option to subscribe to additional features for a small charge, allowing you to customize your experience to fit your needs.


When choosing a second phone number app, TextNow offers convenience and affordability. With TextNow, you can enjoy the features and benefits of having a free second phone number at your fingertips. The app allows you to select a local phone number from various area codes, giving you the flexibility to choose a number that suits your needs. Not only can you make calls and send messages, but you also have access to voicemail services.

TextNow also provides you with the option to use the app for anonymity and privacy. By using TextNow, you can keep your personal phone number private and use your second number for all your communication needs. This can be particularly useful if you want to separate your personal and professional life, or if you're concerned about privacy.


Looking for a reliable second phone number app for your communication needs? Sideline offers a great solution with its impressive features and user-friendly interface.

With Sideline, you can enjoy the benefits of having a separate phone number without the need for an extra device.

One of the key benefits of using Sideline is that it allows you to keep your personal and professional life separate, making it ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and busy professionals.

Setting up a Sideline account is quick and easy. Simply download the app, enter your email address, and choose a local phone number from various area codes.

You can then start making calls, sending texts, and managing your voicemail all from within the Sideline app.

Experience the liberation of having a second phone number with Sideline.


Want to keep your personal information private? Try Hushed, the app that offers a second phone number for your temporary or long-term use. Here are some benefits of using Hushed:

  1. Anonymity: With Hushed, you can keep your real phone number hidden and maintain your privacy. This is especially useful when dealing with online marketplaces, dating apps, or even just protecting yourself from unwanted calls.
  2. Flexibility: Hushed allows you to choose a new phone number from a wide range of area codes, giving you the flexibility to customize your virtual identity.
  3. Disposable Numbers: Need a temporary number for a specific purpose? Hushed provides temporary phone number services, allowing you to dispose of the number once you're done with it.
  4. Pricing Options: Hushed offers both free and premium versions. The premium version provides additional capabilities such as call forwarding and voicemail transcription.

With its focus on privacy and various pricing options, Hushed is the perfect solution for those seeking liberation and control over their personal information.


If you're concerned about privacy and want a temporary phone number, Burner is the app for you. With Burner, you can easily create disposable numbers that you can use for various purposes without revealing your personal information. This app is perfect for those who want to maintain their anonymity and keep their real phone number private.

Burner offers a wide range of features to ensure your privacy. You can choose from different area codes to make your temporary number appear local. This way, you can easily blend in wherever you are. Additionally, Burner provides anonymity features that allow you to send and receive calls and texts without revealing your true identity.

Whether you need a temporary number for online dating, business transactions, or any other situation where you want to maintain your privacy, Burner has got you covered. Download the app now and enjoy the freedom of having disposable numbers at your fingertips.


Are you in need of multiple phone numbers on a single device? Line2 is the perfect app for you. With Line2, you can have multiple phone numbers right at your fingertips, all on one device.

Here are four reasons why Line2 will liberate you:

  1. Multiple phone numbers: Line2 allows you to have multiple phone numbers on your device, making it easy to separate your personal and professional life.
  2. Call redirection: With Line2, you can redirect calls to another phone number or device. This feature ensures that you never miss an important call, even when you're not available.
  3. Voicemail transcription: Line2 provides voicemail transcription, making it easier for you to manage your messages. No more listening to lengthy voicemails – you can simply read the transcriptions.
  4. Messaging options: Line2 offers messaging options for texts, photos, and GIFs. You can communicate with ease, whether it's for personal or professional purposes.

With Line2, you can have the freedom and flexibility to manage multiple phone numbers efficiently. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying multiple devices or SIM cards.

Try Line2 today and experience the liberation of having multiple phone numbers on one device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are These Second Phone Number Apps Available for Both Ios and Android Devices?

Yes, these second phone number apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. They offer various features like calling, messaging, and voicemail, and users can select local numbers from different area codes.

Can I Use These Apps to Make International Calls and Send Texts?

Yes, you can use these apps to make international calls and send texts. Using second phone number apps for business communication offers privacy advantages, allowing you to keep personal and professional contacts separate.

Do Any of These Apps Require a Paid Subscription to Access Basic Features?

No, none of these apps require a paid subscription to access basic features. However, some offer additional features for a fee. It's important to weigh the pros and cons of using a second phone number app and compare the free vs paid features.

How Secure Are These Second Phone Number Apps in Terms of Protecting My Personal Information?

Second phone number apps prioritize protecting your personal information. They offer data privacy features, like encryption, anonymity, and confidentiality. Compared to traditional phone numbers, these apps provide a secure platform for communication.

Can I Port My Existing Phone Number to Any of These Apps?

Yes, you can port your existing phone number to some of these apps. Porting your number offers the benefit of using a second phone number app while keeping your current number. Enjoy the freedom and convenience!


In a world where privacy is a valuable commodity, the best free second phone number apps of 2023 come to the rescue. From Google Voice to Burner, these apps offer a range of features that allow you to maintain your personal and professional lives separately.

Say goodbye to the hassle of sharing your personal phone number and embrace the freedom and privacy these apps provide. With a local phone number at your fingertips, you can enjoy calling, messaging, and voicemail features without compromising your privacy.

These second phone number apps offer a convenient solution for those who want to keep their personal and professional lives separate. Whether you need a temporary number for a specific purpose or want a dedicated number for business calls, these apps have you covered.

Not only do these apps help protect your privacy, but they also offer additional features like call forwarding, voicemail transcription, and even custom greetings. You can easily manage your calls and messages, ensuring that you never miss an important communication.

In addition to the practical benefits, these apps also provide peace of mind. With a second phone number, you can avoid unwanted calls and spam messages, giving you more control over who can reach you.

So if you value your privacy and want to maintain a clear separation between your personal and professional life, consider downloading one of the best free second phone number apps of 2023. Enjoy the convenience, freedom, and privacy that these apps offer, and take control of your communication.

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