Best Free Online Writing Courses for New Writers

top free online writing courses

Looking to unleash your creativity and improve your writing skills? You're in luck! Discover the best free online writing courses for new writers like yourself.

Dive into the world of storytelling with the Creative Writing Specialization on Coursera, taught by renowned lecturers.

Or, if editing is your passion, check out the Good with Words: Writing and Editing Specialization.

Whether you want to master fiction writing or enhance your business and technical skills, these courses are designed to help you become the writer you aspire to be.

Key Takeaways

  • The Creative Writing Specialization on Coursera, taught by Amy Bloom, Brando Skyhorse, Salvatore Scibona, and Amity Gaige, is a highly rated course that covers various aspects of creative writing such as plot, character, setting, description, style, and more. It is an introductory-level course with a duration of approximately six months and offers financial aid.
  • The Good with Words: Writing and Editing Specialization on Coursera, taught by Patrick Barry, focuses on word choice, structure, drafting, and revising. It is a beginner-level course with a duration of approximately four months and also offers financial aid. This course helps in acquiring time management skills and provides reading material and practice exercises.
  • The Writing with Impact course on LinkedIn, taught by Tom Geller, provides a one-month free trial and covers topics such as high-context language, understanding readers, sentence structure, grammar, and more. It is a general-level course with a duration of 1 hour and 1 minute, aimed at improving high-impact communication skills through exercises and quizzes.
  • The Write Your First Novel course on Coursera, taught by Starshine Roshell, is an introductory-level course that focuses on creating novel ideas, character profiles, novel structure, and writing chapters. It has a duration of 127 hours and aims to develop novel writing skills through reading material and practice exercises.

Top-Rated Creative Writing Courses

Looking for the top-rated creative writing courses? Check out these highly recommended options for improving your writing skills.

If you want to explore storytelling techniques and develop your writing voice, the Creative Writing Specialization on Coursera is a great choice. With a 4.7-star rating, this six-month course consists of five courses that cover plot, character, setting and description, style, and a capstone project. Financial aid is available, making it accessible to all.

Another top-rated option is the Good with Words: Writing and Editing Specialization. Taught by Patrick Barry, this four-course program focuses on word choice, structure, drafting, and revising. With a 4.8-star rating, this four-month course provides reading material and practice exercises to enhance your writing skills.

Don't miss out on these top-rated creative writing courses to improve your storytelling and find your unique writing voice.

Master the Art of Writing With Impact

Develop your writing skills and make a lasting impression with impactful writing techniques. To master the art of writing with impact, it's crucial to understand the power of persuasive storytelling and the importance of writing for social media. Here are three key points to consider:

  • Craft compelling narratives: Use storytelling techniques to engage your audience and create an emotional connection. Develop relatable characters, build suspense, and deliver a powerful message that resonates with your readers.
  • Tailor your writing for social media: Understand the unique characteristics of different social media platforms and adapt your writing style accordingly. Use concise and attention-grabbing headlines, incorporate visuals, and craft compelling captions to capture the attention of your target audience.
  • Use persuasive language: Utilize rhetorical devices, such as metaphors, similes, and anecdotes, to persuade and influence your readers. Choose words that evoke emotions and paint vivid pictures in their minds, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in your writing.

Unlock Your Fiction Writing Potential

Tap into your creativity and unleash your fiction writing potential with these free online courses.

Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, these courses will help you master the art of character development and plot structure.

The Creative Writing Specialization on Coursera, taught by acclaimed writers, covers essential aspects such as plot, character, setting, and style. With a 4.7-star rating and financial aid available, this introductory-level course provides reading material and quizzes to enhance your understanding.

Another option is the Write Your First Novel course, which focuses on creating novel ideas, character profiles, and chapter outlines. With a 4.2-star rating, this course offers extensive reading material and practice exercises.

Don't hold back your imagination any longer – start unlocking your fiction writing potential today.

Enhance Your Business and Technical Writing Skills

Improve your proficiency in business and technical writing by enrolling in these free online courses.

  • Effective Communication: Writing, Design, and Presentation Specialization (Coursera):
  • Learn effective writing, design, and presentation skills.
  • Suitable for aspiring writers.
  • Offers courses on Business Writing, Graphic Design, and Successful Presentation.
  • Introduction to Technical Writing (Udemy):
  • Covers the fundamentals of technical writing, including the writing process, document structure, and organizing information effectively.
  • Enhance your technical writing skills in just under 3 hours.
  • Created by Dr. Katharina Grimm.
  • Learn English: Writing Effectively with Complex Sentences Specialization (Coursera):
  • Gain the ability to write effectively with complex sentences.
  • Offers reading material, practice exercises, and quizzes to check your knowledge.
  • Suitable for beginners with a course duration of around three months.

Enrolling in these courses won't only help you enhance your business and technical writing skills but also improve your time management and effective communication abilities.

Dive Into Specialized Writing Techniques

Discover a wide range of specialized writing techniques by exploring these free online courses. Dive into genre exploration and learn advanced storytelling techniques to elevate your writing to the next level. Whether you want to write for young readers, master complex sentences, or delve into other specific areas, these courses have got you covered.

In the course 'Writing for Young Readers: Opening the Treasure Chest,' you'll learn about various elements such as character, setting, plot, theme, and language tools that are essential for captivating young readers.

Alternatively, the course 'Learn English: Writing Effectively with Complex Sentences Specialization' will equip you with the skills to write effectively using complex sentence structures.

These courses provide reading materials, practice exercises, and quizzes to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Embark on your writing journey and explore these specialized courses today.

Improve Your English Writing With Complex Sentences

Enhance your English writing skills by incorporating complex sentences into your writing. Complex sentences can add depth and sophistication to your writing, allowing you to express complex ideas and relationships between different elements. Here are three reasons why improving your English writing with complex sentences is beneficial:

  • Improved Clarity: Complex sentences can help you express your thoughts more clearly by providing additional information and clarifying relationships between ideas.
  • Enhanced Coherence: By using complex sentences, you can create a more cohesive and connected piece of writing, allowing your ideas to flow smoothly and logically.
  • Increased Expressiveness: Complex sentences enable you to convey complex thoughts and emotions, giving your writing a more nuanced and expressive quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Enroll in a Free Online Writing Course?

To enroll in a free online writing course, explore popular options like Coursera and LinkedIn Learning. Check the enrollment process on their websites, and choose a course that suits your interests. Enjoy the journey to becoming a better writer!

Can I Earn a Certificate or Degree From These Courses?

Yes, you can earn certificates of completion for some courses, but not degrees. These courses offer certificate options, providing recognition for your achievements and enhancing your writing credentials.

Are There Any Prerequisites for These Writing Courses?

There are no prerequisites for these writing courses. You can enroll in them without any prior experience or qualifications. They are designed to be accessible and beneficial for new writers.

How Much Time Should I Dedicate to These Courses Each Week?

To manage your time effectively, dedicate a consistent amount of time each week to these courses. The course structures vary, so review the durations and create a schedule that allows for reading, practice exercises, and quizzes.

Can I Receive Feedback on My Writing From Instructors or Peers During the Course?

Yes, you can receive valuable feedback on your writing from instructors and peers during the course. They will provide guidance, suggestions, and constructive criticism to help you improve your skills.


Congratulations! By taking advantage of the best free online writing courses for new writers, you're on your way to becoming the writer you've always dreamed of being.

With top-rated courses in creative writing, editing, fiction writing, and specialized techniques, you have the tools to unleash your creativity and enhance your skills.

So dive in, embrace the hyperbole, and watch your writing soar to new heights. Get ready to write with impact, polish your prose, and captivate your readers.

The journey starts now!

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