Cat Instagram Accounts Top 15 You Need To Follow

top 15 cat instagrams

In the ever-expanding world of social media, Instagram has become the go-to platform for showcasing the lives of our beloved feline companions. With millions of followers, these cat Instagram accounts offer a delightful mix of entertainment, inspiration, and education for cat lovers worldwide.

From famous felines to rescued cats, fashionable kitties to cat models, these accounts capture the hearts of millions, providing a daily dose of cuteness and insight into the captivating lives of these feline influencers.

Join us as we explore the top 15 cat Instagram accounts that you need to follow.

Key Takeaways

  • There are various categories of cat Instagram accounts, including popular cats, funny cats, cute cats, adventure cats, and fashionable cats.
  • Some cat Instagram accounts have gained celebrity status and have been featured in TV shows, magazines, and advertising campaigns.
  • Many cat Instagram accounts serve as advocates for animal welfare and promote adoption of rescued cats.
  • Cat Instagram accounts also include cat art and illustration accounts, cat rescue organizations, and educational accounts that provide information and tips for cat owners.

Grumpy Cat – 2.7 Million Followers

Grumpy Cat, with over 2.7 million followers on Instagram, has become a viral sensation and a source of entertainment for cat lovers worldwide. This iconic feline, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, rose to fame due to her perpetually grumpy expression.

Grumpy Cat's impact on internet culture cannot be overstated. She has spawned countless memes, inspired merchandise, and even starred in her own movie. Grumpy Cat's rise to fame is just one example of the increasing popularity of famous cats on social media.

These feline celebrities have captured the hearts of millions with their unique personalities and adorable antics. They have become influencers, collaborating with brands and gaining celebrity status. The phenomenon of famous cats on social media demonstrates the power of the internet to connect people and create communities around shared interests.

Nala Cat – 4.5 Million Followers

One notable cat on Instagram, Nala Cat, boasts an impressive 4.5 million followers, making her one of the most popular feline influencers on the platform. Nala Cat has not only captured the hearts of millions with her adorable photos, but she has also made a significant impact through her philanthropy work.

Nala Cat uses her platform to raise awareness and funds for various animal welfare organizations, advocating for the well-being of all animals. In addition to her philanthropic efforts, Nala Cat has also made appearances on TV shows, further increasing her celebrity status.

Her charm, unique personality, and dedication to making a difference have garnered her a loyal following and solidified her status as a beloved cat celebrity on Instagram.

Lil Bub – Unique Appearance Fame

Additionally, Lil Bub, with her distinct appearance, has gained fame and a dedicated following on Instagram. Known for her adorable and unique features, Lil Bub has captured the hearts of cat lovers around the world.

But it's not just her appearance that has made her popular. Lil Bub has also made a significant impact on the cat community through her philanthropy work. She has used her platform to raise awareness and funds for various animal welfare organizations, including advocating for special needs animals.

Lil Bub's dedication to helping other cats in need has inspired her followers to get involved and make a difference. With her charming personality and commitment to making a positive impact, Lil Bub continues to be a beloved figure in the cat community.

Venus the Two-Face Cat – Striking Features

Venus the Two-Face Cat has captivated Instagram users with her striking features, drawing in a large following and sparking conversations about feline uniqueness.

With her distinct two-toned face, Venus has gained a significant following on social media platforms, captivating the hearts of cat lovers worldwide. Her mesmerizing appearance, with one half of her face black and the other half orange, has made her one of the most recognizable cats on Instagram.

Venus's unique features have not only garnered her a large following but have also made a significant impact on the cat community. She has become a symbol of diversity and acceptance, showcasing that beauty comes in all forms. By challenging traditional notions of feline appearance, Venus has sparked conversations about celebrating individuality and embracing all aspects of feline uniqueness.

Smoothie the Cat – Stunning Green Eyes

The stunning green eyes of Smoothie the Cat have become a focal point of admiration among her growing fan base on Instagram. With a glance, Smoothie's mesmerizing eyes capture the hearts of her followers, drawing them into her enchanting gaze.

Exploring the unique features and charm of Smoothie, it becomes clear why she has gained such popularity. Apart from her captivating eyes, Smoothie possesses a soft and luxurious fur coat that exudes elegance. Her adorable round face and expressive expressions further add to her undeniable appeal.

Known as the 'Queen of Fluff,' Smoothie has become an icon in the cat Instagram community, with her beautiful green eyes serving as a symbol of her allure and magnetism. Whether she is posing for a photoshoot or simply lounging in her regal manner, Smoothie's eyes continue to captivate and enchant her devoted followers.

Simon's Cat – Humorous Animated Videos

How does Simon's Cat entertain its audience with its humorous animated videos?

Simon's Cat is known for its hilarious and relatable animated videos that captivate its audience on Instagram. Unlike other humorous cat accounts, Simon's Cat videos stand out due to their unique animation style and clever storytelling.

The videos often depict the mischievous adventures of a mischievous and lovable cat, showcasing the funny and sometimes chaotic situations that cat owners can relate to.

The animation is simple yet expressive, capturing the essence of a cat's playfulness and curiosity.

Simon's Cat videos also incorporate sound effects and music to enhance the comedic moments, adding an extra layer of entertainment.

With their witty humor and universal appeal, Simon's Cat videos continue to delight and entertain cat lovers across the world on Instagram.

Pudge the Cat – Funny and Quirky Personality

Pudge the Cat exhibits a playful and whimsical personality, making her a delightful addition to the world of cat Instagram accounts. With her funny antics and quirky personality, Pudge has captured the hearts of many cat lovers around the globe.

Her Instagram feed is filled with adorable and hilarious photos showcasing her unique charm. Pudge's popularity is a testament to the widespread appeal of cat Instagram accounts.

These accounts provide a platform for cat owners to share the joy and humor that their feline companions bring into their lives. Pudge's funny and quirky personality is just one example of the countless entertaining and heartwarming moments that can be found on cat Instagram accounts, making them a popular choice for those seeking a daily dose of laughter and cuteness.

White Coffee Cat – Hilarious Facial Expressions

White Coffee Cat never fails to amuse with its hilarious facial expressions, and followers can't help but be entertained by its comical antics.

This Instagram account has gained a significant following due to its ability to capture the most memorable cat moments. Whether it's a wide-eyed expression of surprise or a perfectly timed head tilt, White Coffee Cat's facial expressions are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The account is filled with photos and videos that showcase the cat's unique personality and comedic charm. From silly poses to unexpected reactions, White Coffee Cat has become a favorite among cat lovers looking for a good laugh.

Its funny facial expressions have made it a popular figure in the world of cat Instagram accounts, and its ability to bring joy and laughter to its followers is truly remarkable.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat – Stylish Mustache

Hamilton the Hipster Cat is known for his stylish mustache and is often seen posing with confidence and charm. His unique fashion sense has made him a trendsetter in the world of hipster cat fashion. With his perfectly groomed mustache, Hamilton has become an icon for the mustache trend among feline enthusiasts.

Here are three reasons why Hamilton's mustache is making waves in the cat fashion industry:

  1. Symbol of Individuality: Hamilton's mustache sets him apart from other cats, showcasing his individuality and unique sense of style.
  2. Nod to Vintage Fashion: The mustache trend harks back to the vintage fashion era, adding a touch of nostalgia and sophistication to Hamilton's look.
  3. Empowering Expression: Hipster cat fashion, including the mustache trend, allows cats to express themselves and break free from traditional stereotypes, promoting a sense of liberation and empowerment.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat's stylish mustache has become a symbol of fashion-forward thinking and liberation in the feline world, inspiring cat owners and enthusiasts to embrace their own unique styles.

Colonel Meow – Grumpy and Hilarious Expressions

Colonel Meow's grumpy and hilarious expressions captivate audiences, showcasing his unique personality and comedic charm.

Known as the 'Grumpy Cat,' Colonel Meow became a viral internet sensation with his distinctively grumpy facial expressions. His fur, which grew in a wild and untamed manner, only added to his grumpy appearance.

Colonel Meow's popularity soared when his owner started posting pictures and videos of him on social media platforms. People were drawn to his unique and comical expressions, finding them relatable and entertaining. His viral videos and photos quickly spread across the internet, gaining millions of views and shares.

Colonel Meow's grumpy expressions have made him a beloved figure in the online cat community, solidifying his status as a viral internet sensation.

Coby the Cat – Captivating Blue Eyes

With his captivating blue eyes, Coby the Cat effortlessly captivates viewers and leaves them in awe of his mesmerizing gaze. As an influencer in the world of cat Instagram accounts, Coby has gained a significant following due to his striking features. His captivating blue eyes have become the highlight of his profile, drawing attention from cat lovers and makeup enthusiasts alike.

Here's why Coby's eyes have become the center of attention:

  • Influencer Spotlight: Coby's captivating blue eyes have landed him in the spotlight as an influencer, with collaborations and partnerships with renowned photographers and brands.
  • Colorful Eye Makeup Inspirations: Coby's mesmerizing gaze has inspired many colorful eye makeup looks, with cat lovers recreating his eye color in their makeup routines.
  • Awe-Inspiring Aesthetics: Coby's captivating blue eyes have become a symbol of beauty and elegance, inspiring cat owners and enthusiasts to appreciate the unique features of their feline companions.

Coby the Cat's captivating blue eyes have not only made him a beloved influencer but have also influenced the world of beauty and aesthetics, inspiring colorful eye makeup looks and celebrating the beauty of cats.

Luna Rose – Adorable and Fluffy Appearance

Luna Rose's adorable and fluffy appearance instantly captures the hearts of cat lovers, making her a popular choice among Instagram followers. With her soft, plush fur and sweet round face, Luna Rose exudes a charm that is hard to resist.

But it's not just her looks that make her stand out; Luna Rose also has a playful and energetic personality that adds to her appeal. She can often be seen chasing toys, pouncing on imaginary prey, or engaging in a friendly game of hide-and-seek. Luna Rose's joyful and lively nature shines through in her photos and videos, bringing a smile to the faces of her many followers.

Whether she's leaping through the air or curling up for a cozy nap, Luna Rose's presence on Instagram is sure to brighten anyone's day.

Hosico the Scottish Fold – Cute Round Face

Hosico the Scottish Fold captures the hearts of cat enthusiasts with his irresistible charm and cute round face, making him an Instagram sensation. Scottish Folds are known for their unique ear shape, which is caused by a genetic mutation that folds the cartilage in their ears, giving them an adorable and distinctive appearance. These cats have gained popularity in Japan, where they are considered a symbol of good luck.

In addition to the Scottish Fold, there are several other cute cat breeds that are beloved by cat lovers. The Persian cat is known for its long and luxurious coat, while the Ragdoll has a docile and affectionate personality. The Maine Coon is a large and friendly breed, while the Bengal is known for its striking leopard-like spots. Each of these breeds has its own unique qualities that make them popular choices for cat owners.

Overall, Hosico the Scottish Fold is just one example of the many cute and lovable cat breeds that have captured the hearts of cat enthusiasts around the world. Whether it's their unique appearance or their charming personalities, these cats continue to bring joy and happiness to their owners.

Smoothie and Milkshake – Adorable British Shorthair Cats

Smoothie and Milkshake, two adorable British Shorthair cats, have garnered a significant following on Instagram due to their irresistible charm and photogenic qualities. These cute felines have captured the hearts of many with their adorable antics and expressive faces. Smoothie, with her stunning green eyes, and Milkshake, with his fluffy coat, have become internet sensations, spreading joy and cuteness to their loyal followers.

Smoothie and Milkshake's Instagram account is filled with delightful photos and videos that showcase their playful nature and endearing personalities. Whether they are curled up together, exploring their surroundings, or engaging in playful mischief, these British Shorthair cats never fail to captivate their audience. Their adorable antics bring smiles to the faces of cat lovers worldwide, making their Instagram account a must-follow for those seeking a daily dose of cuteness.

Smoothie and Milkshake's popularity is a testament to the enduring appeal of cute British Shorthair cats and the power of social media to connect people through shared adoration for these lovable pets. So, if you're in need of a daily dose of adorable, look no further than Smoothie and Milkshake's Instagram account, where their charm and photogenic qualities are guaranteed to brighten your day.

Oskar the Blind Cat – Resilience and Cuteness

Oskar the Blind Cat's journey showcases both resilience and cuteness, capturing the hearts of his followers on Instagram. Despite being blind, Oskar has overcome challenges and inspired many with his positive attitude. His story is just one example of the inspiring cat stories that can be found on social media platforms.

Through his playful and adventurous nature, Oskar proves that disabilities do not define one's abilities.

Oskar's owner, Mick Szydlowski, has dedicated himself to providing a safe and stimulating environment for Oskar, demonstrating the importance of love and care in helping animals thrive.

Oskar's journey serves as a reminder of the resilience and strength that animals possess, offering hope and inspiration to those facing their own challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Grumpy Cat Gain Popularity Despite Having Only 2.7 Million Followers?

Grumpy Cat gained popularity despite having only 2.7 million followers due to her viral memes, which resonated with a wide audience. Additionally, her marketing strategies for pet influencers, such as collaborations and merchandise, contributed to her success.

What Makes Venus the Two-Face Cat's Features so Striking?

Venus the Two-Face Cat's striking features, with one side black and the other orange, make her appearance truly unique. This distinctiveness, combined with her captivating photos, has garnered her a massive following on Instagram.

What Sets Smoothie the Cat Apart From Other Cats With Stunning Green Eyes?

Smoothie the Cat sets herself apart from other cats with stunning green eyes. Her unique eye color captivates viewers and adds a mesmerizing element to her photos, making them stand out in the world of cat Instagram accounts.

What Type of Animated Videos Does Simon's Cat Share?

Simon's Cat shares humorous animated videos that depict the mischievous and entertaining antics of a cat. These types of animated content are crucial for social media marketing as they captivate audiences, evoke emotions, and increase engagement.

How Does Pudge the Cat's Funny and Quirky Personality Come Across on Instagram?

Pudge the Cat's hilarious antics and quirky personality are showcased on Instagram, delighting his followers. His funny posts evoke reactions of laughter and amusement, making him a beloved figure in the cat Instagram community.


In conclusion, these top 15 cat Instagram accounts offer a captivating glimpse into the lives of our feline friends. With millions of followers, these adorable and talented cats have become true influencers on social media.

From Grumpy Cat's famous grumpy face to Nala Cat's charming adventures, these accounts provide a daily dose of cuteness, entertainment, and inspiration. It's no wonder that cat lovers worldwide are drawn to these accounts.

In fact, did you know that the combined followers of these top 15 cat Instagram accounts exceed 35 million? This statistic highlights the immense popularity of these furry influencers in the digital world.

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