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top instagram photographers to follow

In the fast-paced world of photography, Instagram has become a game-changer. With its visual nature and wide reach, photographers now have a platform to showcase their work and connect with a global audience.

In this article, we'll explore the top 15 photographers on Instagram who are making waves with their stunning images and unique perspectives. From conceptual geniuses like Cindy Sherman to portrait masters like Brandon Woelfel, these accounts are a must-follow for anyone seeking inspiration and appreciation in the photography community.

Key Takeaways

  • Cindy Sherman and David LaChapelle are innovative and boundary-pushing photographers known for challenging traditional notions of art and exploring the power of imagination and visual narratives.
  • Food photographers require a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of food styling and composition techniques, using natural light and composition techniques to create visually pleasing images that evoke a strong desire to taste.
  • Lindsay Adler's portrait photography serves as a powerful platform for challenging societal norms and encouraging dialogue, using her art to address social issues and promote advocacy and change.
  • Paul Nicklen's photojournalism captures the realities of our world and plays a vital role in bringing attention to important global issues, requiring ethical considerations to ensure accuracy and responsibility in representing subjects and situations.

Conceptual Photographers

Cindy Sherman and David LaChapelle are conceptual photographers known for their innovative and thought-provoking approach to photography. Their work pushes boundaries and challenges traditional notions of art, captivating audiences with their unique artistic vision.

Conceptual photography, as a genre, explores the power of imagination and the ability to create visual narratives that provoke thought and evoke emotions. It goes beyond capturing a simple image, instead delving into the realms of storytelling and symbolism.

By analyzing the impact of conceptual photography on contemporary art, we can see how these photographers have revolutionized the way we perceive and interact with visual art. Their work serves as a catalyst for discussion and reflection, encouraging viewers to question societal norms and explore new perspectives.

Through their lens, they invite us into a world of possibilities, where imagination knows no bounds.

Food Photographers

What are some of the challenges and techniques that food photographers use to capture mouthwatering images of their delectable creations?

Food photography is an art form that requires a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of food styling and composition techniques. To create visually appealing images, food photographers utilize various techniques to make their dishes look irresistible.

One of the key elements is the use of natural light, which helps to enhance the colors and textures of the food. By shooting in natural light, photographers are able to capture the true essence of the dish and create a sense of authenticity.

Additionally, food photographers pay close attention to the composition of their shots, using techniques such as the rule of thirds and leading lines to create visually pleasing images that draw the viewer in.

Overall, food photography is a delicate balance between artistry and technique, creating images that not only look delicious but also evoke a strong desire to taste.

Portrait Photographers

Lindsay Adler is a talented portrait photographer, and her work is highly regarded in the industry. Her photographs not only capture the beauty of her subjects but also serve as a powerful platform for addressing social issues. Adler's evolution as a portrait photographer can be seen in her ability to use her art to shed light on important topics.

Through her lens, Adler explores the complexities of gender, race, and identity, challenging societal norms and encouraging dialogue. Her portraits aren't just pretty pictures; they're thought-provoking and carry a deeper message.

In today's world, where social issues are at the forefront of many discussions, portrait photography has become a powerful tool for advocacy and change. Photographers like Adler are using their art to bring attention to important causes, fostering empathy and understanding.

As the evolution of portrait photography continues, we can expect to see more photographers using their work to address social issues and create a more inclusive and liberated society.


Paul Nicklen is an award-winning photojournalist, capturing powerful images that document the realities of our world and evoke emotions in viewers. As a storyteller through his lens, Nicklen plays a vital role in bringing attention to important global issues. His photographs not only inform, but also inspire action and change.

In the realm of photojournalism, there are ethical considerations that must be navigated. One aspect is the responsibility to accurately represent the subjects and situations being documented, ensuring that they aren't exploited or misrepresented. Another consideration is the impact that the photographs may have on the subjects themselves, as well as the potential consequences that may arise from their publication.

Balancing the power of visual storytelling with ethical responsibility is a continuous challenge for photojournalists like Paul Nicklen.

Landscape and Travel Photographers

Adam Senatori captures breathtaking landscapes and travel destinations through his lens, immersing viewers in the beauty of the natural world. His travel photography takes us on a visual journey, showcasing the diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and hidden gems of our planet.

Through his art, Senatori highlights the importance of environmental conservation, reminding us of the need to preserve these natural habitats for future generations. His photographs serve as a powerful reminder of the fragility and magnificence of our world, urging us to take action and protect it.

From the vibrant streets of bustling cities to the serene tranquility of remote landscapes, Senatori's work captures the essence of each location, transporting us to these places and inspiring our wanderlust. Through his lens, he not only captures the beauty of different cultures and landscapes, but also ignites a sense of wonder and awe within us.

Adam Senatori's photography is a celebration of the natural world, reminding us of the importance of preserving its beauty for years to come.

Fine Art and Fashion Photographers

Mario Testino is currently one of the most sought-after fine art and fashion photographers in the industry. His unique vision and ability to capture the essence of his subjects have made him a household name.

In the world of fashion and fine art photography, trends and techniques are constantly evolving. From high fashion editorials to avant-garde conceptual pieces, Testino's work pushes the boundaries and breaks the mold.

With a keen eye for composition and lighting, he creates stunning images that are both visually captivating and thought-provoking. His mastery of fashion and fine art photography techniques is evident in every frame, as he effortlessly combines elements of beauty, storytelling, and emotion.

Whether photographing celebrities on the red carpet or creating elaborate fashion campaigns, Testino's work continues to inspire and influence the industry.

Storytelling Photographers

She is a storytelling photographer who captures the essence of her subjects with a unique vision and compelling narratives.

With the power of visual storytelling, she takes her viewers on a journey, evoking emotions and sparking their imagination.

Through her lens, she weaves stories that transcend language barriers and cultural differences, connecting people from all walks of life.

One of the tools she employs in her storytelling is the use of symbolism. She understands that symbols have the ability to convey deeper meanings and create a universal language that resonates with her audience.

By incorporating symbols into her photographs, she invites viewers to interpret and engage with her work on a personal level, allowing them to find their own stories within the frame.

Through her storytelling photography, she empowers her audience to explore their own liberation through the art of visual storytelling.

Street Photographers

Bruce Gilden captures the raw essence of city life, using his camera to bring out the hidden stories of everyday people in the streets. With his unique street photography techniques and tips, Gilden has become a master at capturing the energy and diversity of urban environments. His photographs are gritty, raw, and full of life, showcasing the true spirit of the city.

Street photography plays a crucial role in documenting urban life. It serves as a visual diary of the streets, documenting the people, culture, and moments that make up the fabric of a city. Through street photography, we're able to glimpse into the lives of strangers, capturing their emotions, struggles, and triumphs. It allows us to see the world through a different lens, challenging our perspectives and connecting us to the human experience.

Street photography is a powerful tool for storytelling and documenting the ever-changing landscape of urban environments.

Infant Photographers

Anne Geddes, known for her iconic images of infants, captures the innocence and beauty of newborns through her unique and heartwarming photography style. With her distinctive techniques in infant photography, Geddes has become a renowned name in the industry.

Her photographs go beyond mere snapshots; they tell stories and evoke emotions. Through careful composition, lighting, and props, Geddes creates a world where babies are transformed into magical beings. Her attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of each child is what sets her apart.

Wildlife and Environmental Photographers

Paul Nicklen is capturing breathtaking images of wildlife and the environment, showcasing the beauty and fragility of nature through his photography. With a keen eye and a deep passion for conservation efforts, Nicklen's work serves as a powerful call to action for environmental activism.

Through his lens, he captures the majesty of animals in their natural habitats, reminding us of the importance of preserving their homes. His photographs also expose the devastating impact of climate change and human activities on our planet, urging us to take immediate action.

Nicklen's images aren't only visually stunning but also serve as a powerful tool for raising awareness and inspiring change. Through his work, he encourages us to become active participants in the protection of our environment, reminding us that we've the power to make a difference.

Fashion Photographers

She loves following the work of fashion photographers on Instagram and finds inspiration in their unique styles and creative storytelling.

Fashion photography trends are constantly evolving, and emerging fashion photographers are pushing the boundaries with their innovative concepts and fresh perspectives. These photographers capture the essence of liberation through their powerful imagery, challenging societal norms and celebrating individuality.

From avant-garde editorials to street style photography, they capture the spirit of freedom and self-expression. With their use of vibrant colors, bold compositions, and captivating narratives, they redefine beauty standards and inspire a sense of empowerment within their audience.

Through their lens, they capture the essence of liberation and create a visual dialogue that encourages viewers to embrace their own unique style and break free from societal constraints.

Experimental and Fantasy Photographers

Kelia Anne MacCluskey explores the boundaries of photography through her experimental and fantasy works, captivating viewers with her imaginative concepts and surreal visuals. Her photographs push the limits of reality, taking viewers on a journey into a world of dreams and fantasy. With her unique style, MacCluskey delves into the realm of surrealism, creating images that challenge traditional notions of photography.

In her experimental photography, MacCluskey employs various techniques to create stunning and thought-provoking visuals. She plays with light and shadows, manipulating her subjects to create illusions and evoke emotions. Through the use of digital manipulation, she transforms ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.

In her fantasy photography, MacCluskey takes viewers on a magical journey into fantastical realms. She seamlessly blends elements from different worlds, creating enchanting scenes that transport viewers to another dimension. Her use of digital manipulation allows her to bring her wildest fantasies to life, adding elements and altering reality to create a truly immersive experience.

Through her exploration of surrealism in experimental photography and her use of digital manipulation in fantasy photography, Kelia Anne MacCluskey has established herself as a visionary in the field. Her imaginative concepts and surreal visuals push the boundaries of what's possible in photography, inspiring viewers and challenging them to see the world in a new light. Liberation awaits those who dare to step into her fantastical realm.

Influential Photographers

While discussing influential photographers, it's important to recognize the impact of artists like Nick Knight OBE, Jonathan Mannion, and Hank Willis Thomas. These photographers haven't only pushed the boundaries of their craft but have also made a significant impact on photography education and the influence they've on emerging photographers.

Nick Knight OBE, a renowned fashion and portrait photographer, has revolutionized the industry with his innovative use of technology and digital manipulation. His work hasn't only challenged traditional notions of beauty but has also inspired countless aspiring photographers to experiment and push their own boundaries.

Jonathan Mannion, known for his iconic hip-hop album covers, has captured the essence of some of the most influential artists of our time. His bold and gritty style hasn't only shaped the visual aesthetic of the genre but has also influenced a new generation of photographers who seek to capture raw and authentic moments.

Hank Willis Thomas, a multidisciplinary artist, uses photography as a tool for social commentary and activism. His thought-provoking images explore themes of race, identity, and consumer culture. Through his work, he hasn't only sparked important conversations but has also inspired emerging photographers to use their art as a means of creating change.

The impact of these photographers on photography education can't be understated. Their innovative techniques and unique perspectives have challenged the status quo and encouraged emerging photographers to think outside the box. They've shown that photography isn't just a medium for capturing pretty pictures, but a powerful tool for storytelling, self-expression, and social change.

Benefits of Instagram for Photographers

There are numerous benefits of Instagram for photographers, including the visual nature of the platform and the networking and collaboration opportunities it provides.

  • Building a personal brand:
  • Instagram allows photographers to showcase their unique style and create a cohesive visual identity. By curating their feed and using strategic hashtags, they can attract a specific audience and establish themselves as experts in their niche.
  • The platform also offers features like Stories and IGTV, which allow photographers to share behind-the-scenes content, tutorials, and personal stories. This helps in humanizing their brand and connecting with their followers on a deeper level.
  • Collaborative opportunities:
  • Instagram enables photographers to connect and collaborate with other creatives, such as models, stylists, makeup artists, and designers. By tagging each other and cross-promoting, they can reach a wider audience and gain exposure to new opportunities.
  • Many photographers also use Instagram to participate in photography challenges, contests, and collaborations initiated by brands or photography communities. This not only helps in expanding their network but also provides a platform to showcase their work to a larger audience.

Impact of Photography on Society and Culture

Fashion photography, portrait photography, and addressing social issues are all aspects of photography that have a profound impact on society and culture.

Documentary photography plays a crucial role in capturing real-life moments and telling compelling stories that shed light on various social issues. From war and poverty to environmental concerns and human rights, documentary photographers have the power to evoke emotions and inspire change.

Additionally, photography has greatly influenced advertising, shaping the way products and brands are marketed to consumers. With its ability to create visually captivating images, photography has become an essential tool in the advertising industry, enticing viewers and influencing their purchasing decisions.

Whether it's through thought-provoking images or persuasive visuals, photography continues to shape and challenge societal norms, making it a powerful medium for communication and expression.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Instagram Impact the Career and Success of Photographers?

Instagram has a significant impact on photographers' careers and success. It offers a platform for showcasing their unique style, building a personal brand, and networking. It also provides opportunities for collaboration and acts as a powerful marketing tool.

What Are Some Challenges That Photographers Face When Using Instagram as a Platform?

Photographers using Instagram face challenges with the platform's algorithms, which can affect visibility and reach. Additionally, copyright infringement is a concern. Despite these obstacles, Instagram provides a visually engaging space for photographers to showcase their unique styles and build their personal brands.

How Does Photography Play a Role in Addressing Social Issues and Promoting Change?

Photography plays a crucial role in addressing social issues and promoting change. It serves as a tool for empathy, allowing viewers to connect emotionally with the subjects and understand their experiences. Through powerful imagery, photographers inspire action and raise awareness.

What Are Some Unique Techniques or Approaches That Photographers Use to Create Conceptual or Fantasy Images?

Photographers create surreal and fantastical images through inventive editing techniques and the creative use of props. These unique approaches allow them to transport viewers into imaginative worlds, captivating their attention and stirring their desire for liberation.

How Has the Evolution of Portrait Photography Influenced the Way We Perceive and Represent Individuals in Society?

The evolution of portrait photography has revolutionized the way we perceive and represent individuals in society. It has allowed for greater self-expression, shaping personal identity, and challenging societal norms, leading to liberation and empowerment.


In conclusion, Instagram has become an essential platform for photographers to showcase their art and connect with a global audience.

The top 15 photographers on Instagram, from conceptual to portrait to photojournalism, offer a diverse range of styles and perspectives.

The networking and collaboration opportunities on Instagram have revolutionized the industry, allowing photographers to inspire and be inspired by their peers.

The impact of photography on society and culture can't be underestimated, as it captures moments, emotions, and stories that shape our understanding of the world.

So, dive into the world of these talented photographers on Instagram and let their images ignite your imagination and appreciation for the power of visual art.

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